Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


The American School of Ulaanbaatar 's challenging, comprehensive and supportive learning environment encourages students to actively discover and develop their intellectual, physical and creative potential The school demonstrates its commitment to the development of the whole child through stimulating academic and co curricular programs that prepare students to learn and achieve success in an ever-changing global society. 


The American School of Ulaanbaatar is a community of lifelong Learners. ASU provides each student with the opportunity to achieve his/her personal best interest within an International educational environment The school prepares students to succeed in English speaking colleges and universities. Our students will acquire the skills and attitudes necessary to be intellectually reflective, lead a lifetime of meaningful work, be caring and ethical citizens, and be physically and mentally healthy.

Expected Schoolwide Student Outcomes

ASU students will be:

Academic Achievers who…

  • Build meaning and understanding for themselves using prior knowledge and new information
  • Participate actively in their own education
  • Continually assess, evaluate and revise his/her own work to maintain high standards

Critical Thinkers who…

  • Gather, analyze and process information using a variety of strategies
  • Demonstrate problem solving, decision making and conflict resolution
  • Apply knowledge to life experiences

Involved citizens who…

  • Demonstrate care and concern for their environment and community
  • Interact respectfully with people of diverse cultures
  • Demonstrate awareness and respect for the rights of others
  • Support and improve the safety and health of self and others

Effective Communicators who…

  • Understand and convey written, oral, and visual information using a variety of media
  • Incorporate and use technology as an efficient tool for communication
  • Listen respectfully and ask questions to facilitate understanding and achieve insight
  • Collaborate with others in appropriate learning situations to achieve group goals

Self-Directed Life Long Learners…

  • Accept responsibility for their own learning
  • Develop, prioritize and revise personal learning goals
  • Actively seek out new opportunities to learn and challenge themselves
  • Demonstrate competency in goal setting, time management, and organizational skills