First Day of School

ASU held its annual opening ceremony on August 22 marking the beginning of the school’s twelfth year of operation. Students, parents and school staff gathered outside the Elementary School for welcoming remarks from the managing director and the p...

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One week until school starts

One week until school starts! Our new school year will begin with an Opening Ceremony at the Elementary School on Wednesday, August 22 at 8:20 a.m. We look forward seeing you soon!

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Graduation Day

Congratulations, class of 2018!

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Congratulations Seniors!

Congratulations to our seniors for being accepted to the top leading universities in Canada and the United States. Well done! We are so proud of you!

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Perfect weather welcomes Spring Sports Day

SS Soccer fieldES Soccer field

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Grade 6 Students Hosted Culture Fair

On June 12, the Grade 6 students hosted a Culture Fair as part of their final project in World Geography class. They represented 20 countries from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. They also prepared food from the country that they...

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Summer program 2018

Summer camps offer a wonderfully creative and fun atmosphere for children to explore and enjoy. Students will have the opportunity to make new friends, to be part of a team, and to accomplish things together. Music hones teamwork skills and men...

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Secondary School Sports Day

Thank you to our Juniors and Seniors who organized this fun day!

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Spotlight on 8th Grade Ceramics

8th grade students studied innovative architecture, such as Frank Gehry, and used the slab building technique to construct their own innovative styles. Below are pictures of Grade 8 students' ceramic work.

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