Biology 1 students conduct laboratory experiments

Biology 1 students conduct laboratory experiments to determine the presence or absence of specific biomolecules (proteins, lipids, & carbohydrates) in common foods.

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Middle School Graduation

Eighth-grade students celebrated the culmination of Middle School in a ceremony on June 13th with the theme "A Whole New World" as they prepared to embark on their new adventure in high school.

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High School Graduation Ceremony

The ASU high school graduation ceremony was held on June 13, with 28 students receiving their diplomas. The ceremony included addresses by MobiCom CEO Mr. Tatsuya Hamada, valedictorian Joseph Cho, and salutatorian Misheel Enkhbold.

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Sports Day /Secondary School/

Secondary students made their way around 12 stations with a variety of challenges during the annual sports day on June 12.

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Middle School's Got Talent

About a dozen students proved that Middle School’s Got Talent as classmates were treated to performances of dancing, singing and playing instruments on June 12. 

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MS Spelling Bee

Our Middle School students participated in a Spelling Bee during the final week of school. Other final week activities included a talent show, sports day, field trips and graduation ceremonies. 

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Culture Fair /Grade 6/

The Grade 6 World Geography students hosted a Culture Fair as their final project. They not only showed what they learned about their assigned country's physical and human geography, but they also cooked and served food native to that country. Gra...

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Grade 5 Students visited Secondary School

Grade 5 students visited secondary school on Monday and Tuesday to partner up with grade 6 students and find out a little bit about what to expect when they move up to middle school in the fall. 

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