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Elementary school held its annual "ASU's Got Talent" show on March 15.

The audience was entertained by amazing dancers, singers and musicians. Congratulations to the top three winners - Arna, Chingis and Huhehairerhanna for your fantastic performances.

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School 60 Performance 2019

More than 70 students from ASU’s sister school, public school 60, performed for elementary and secondary students on February 28 as part of an annual program that coincides with ASU’s International Day and is normally held around the time of Tsaga...

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Art Show

On February 13, 2019, students who took Art II and AP Art held an art show where they showcased the artworks they made over the course. Meanwhile, the National Art Honor Society drew portraits and sold sandwiches during the event as a way to fundr...

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Children of the Sun

We would like to announce that we have successfully ended our event by meeting all our goals. Not only did we exceed our goal of 500,000 tugriks and donate over 900,000 tugriks to the Veloo Foundation, we were able to engage the community with art...

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Children of the Sun art show hosted by the National Art Honor Society

Children of the Sun art show hosted by the National Art Honor Society at the American School of Ulaanbaatar, the "Children of the Sun" is a Charity Art show dedicated to raising donations for the Veloo Foundation, and promoting arts of the youth. ...

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NAHS will host Special Exhibition in the Lupine Gallery

Art II, AP Studio Art and NAHS will host a special exhibition in the Lupine Gallery on Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 5pm. I am very proud of the powerful and thoughtful works they produced. Please refer to the flyer for a show synopsis and come to the sho...

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ACAMIS Tournament in Qingdao

Congratulations to our basketball teams returning from the ACAMIS Tournament in Qingdao. Our boys came away with the 1st place trophy. They defeated Wellington in the semis, before winning 39-30 against CISB in the finals. Our girls played very we...

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Spelling Bee

The Elementary School had the annual Spelling Bee competition among students from grades 3 to 5. Eighteen students made it through the class and grade-level rounds to compete in the semi-finals. The top ten finalists then competed the following da...

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ES Winter Music Concert 2018

On Friday, our music teacher, Ms.Tina directed the grades 3 - 5 students in the Music Concert. Students showcased singing and instrumental pieces and the Grade 5 classes did a wonderful job of presenting the musical "The Cuckoo". Thank you Ms Tina...

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