Middle School ESSO Day

We had our Computer Science-themed ESSO Day at Middle School on Thursday, March 28th. We were honored to have two wonderful speakers, Mr. Zolboo and Mr. Namka. Mr. Zolboo informed us on how his delivery service app, Songo.mn, has become one of the...

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Introduction to Business Class

Introduction to Business Class had the honor of having a guest teacher, Ms. Zoloo Jargalsaihan, CEO at Ard Securities. Through her lecture, our students learned about the Mongolian Stock Exchange and how traders in Mongolia buy and sell securities...

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Mathematics competition

Students in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade participating in the University of Waterloo international mathematics competition. The top student in each grade and the top 20% of international competitors will be recognized for their analytical abilities.

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Introduction to Business course

During the Introduction to Business course, students are learning business concepts while launching their first start-up. Please support our students business and help them grow their operations. Science Box (Шинжлэх ухааны Хайрцаг) is a box that...

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Career Fair 2019

ASU hosted an annual “Career Fair” on March 29. This year, SAT Ambassadors provided an academic session and panel discussion on SAT preparation. We also had workshops hosted by representatives from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Interna...

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Ms. Muyassar ISU's art teacher visits

Ms. Muyassar, ISU's art teacher, visited AP art students to give advice and feedback for finishing their portfolios. It's always good to have a fresh view and her years of experience to give one last boost as we finish this rigorous process!

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Coffee and Conversation /March/

This month's Coffee & Conversation provided a look into poetry's influence on academia and intrinsic health. Within the art of poetry, students are engaged emotionally, artistically and academically without the intimidation that normally comes fro...

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Our French students at the Embassy of France

Our French students continue to showcase their talent to study a second language as they participated in an evening at the Embassy of France. Enkh-Inguun (Gr 12) participated in the French song competition and placed fourth. Angela (Gr 12) accepte...

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