Well done! Keep up the great work, Seniors!

Сайн байна уу? Зургаадай баг маань брайл дээр хэвлүүлсэн 26 ширхэг үлгэрийн номоо 116р сургуульд хүргэж өглөө. Эхний төслийг маань дэмжсэн та бүгдэд баярлалаа. Дараагийн төслөө бид удахгүй танилцуулах болно оо .  Hello everyone! Our Zurgaadai...

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Children of the Sun

We would like to announce that we have successfully ended our event by meeting all our goals. Not only did we exceed our goal of 500,000 tugriks and donate over 900,000 tugriks to the Veloo Foundation, we were able to engage the community with art...

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Grade 8 Medieval Feast Project

The Grade 8 History class put together a Medieval Feast for the Secondary School support staff as part of the History class semester 1 final project. This was also to show appreciation for the support staff's hard work in making sure that we have ...

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Children of the Sun art show hosted by the National Art Honor Society

Children of the Sun art show hosted by the National Art Honor Society at the American School of Ulaanbaatar, the "Children of the Sun" is a Charity Art show dedicated to raising donations for the Veloo Foundation, and promoting arts of the youth. ...

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High School Art

A selection of masks, abstract pieces, and Juan demoing the screenprint technique.   

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NAHS will host Special Exhibition in the Lupine Gallery

Art II, AP Studio Art and NAHS will host a special exhibition in the Lupine Gallery on Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 5pm. I am very proud of the powerful and thoughtful works they produced. Please refer to the flyer for a show synopsis and come to the sho...

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Creative Writing class

Art I completed their course collaborating with the Creative Writing class. Writers and illustrators united to craft illustrated short stories- to be on display in Mr. Green's room soon. Photos posted represent a sampling of Art I projects.  ...

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Grade 6 Art Projects

Hats off to 6A and 6B for completing a semester of art with a Hat Walk Cat Walk art project. Photos posted represent their historical hat posters, fashion concepts boards, and constructed hat creations. We hope to combine with 6C in the spring for...

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ACAMIS Tournament in Qingdao

Congratulations to our basketball teams returning from the ACAMIS Tournament in Qingdao. Our boys came away with the 1st place trophy. They defeated Wellington in the semis, before winning 39-30 against CISB in the finals. Our girls played very we...

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