Art I class

Art I class explores a unit on creating rhythm and stimulating the sensation of music and movement through mixed media and non objective artworks. We finished the unit with a class critique- making use of the new purple gallery wall!

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Zurgaadai Team is on the news.

Дунд сургуулийн 12 дугаар ангийн сурагчид өөрсдийн санаачлагаар сайн үйлсийн аян эхлүүлэн төсөл хөтөлбөр боловсруулж, харааны бэрхшээлтэй хүүхдүүдэд зориулсан ном хэвлүүлэн бэлэглэжээ. Тэд бол Улаанбаатар дахь Америк сургуулийн сурагчид юм. А.Энх-...

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Grade 6 Collaborative work

The 6th graders learned about collecting and analyzing data through varied activities. Through collaborative work, they measured each member's waistline, threw darts and did frog jumps. 

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Physics II

Physics II students created hydraulic machines by applying Pascal's Principle. 

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Student of the Month /February/

Congratulations to our students who received Student of the Month and Most Enthusiastic Learner awards for the month of November. Well done! 

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Raffles Workshop at ASU

Raffles’s workshops are designed to make people think. Our recent workshop at the American School of Ulaanbaatar, introduced level 9 to 12 students to the exciting world of graphic design and the new media. Design lecturer, Buggy, showcased new m...

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School 60 Performance 2019

More than 70 students from ASU’s sister school, public school 60, performed for elementary and secondary students on February 28 as part of an annual program that coincides with ASU’s International Day and is normally held around the time of Tsaga...

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Art Show

On February 13, 2019, students who took Art II and AP Art held an art show where they showcased the artworks they made over the course. Meanwhile, the National Art Honor Society drew portraits and sold sandwiches during the event as a way to fundr...

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Grade Eight Debate

Eighth grade students are hard at work during their in-class debate. 

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