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Expected schoolwide student outcome

Critical Thinkers who…

  • Gather, analyze and process information using a variety of strategies
  • Demonstrate problem solving, decision making and conflict resolution
  • Apply knowledge to life experiences
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Academic Achievers who...

  • Build meaning and understanding for themselves using prior knowledge and new information
  • Participate actively in their own education
  • Continually assess, evaluate and revise his/her own work to maintain high standards
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Involved citizens who…

  • Demonstrate care and concern for their environment and community
  • Interact respectfully with people of diverse cultures
  • Demonstrate awareness and respect for the rights of others
  • Support and improve the safety and health of self and others
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Effective Communicators who…

  • Understand and convey written, oral, and visual information using a variety of media
  • Incorporate and use technology as an efficient tool for communication
  • Listen respectfully and ask questions to facilitate understanding and achieve insight
  • Collaborate with others in appropriate learning situations to achieve group goals
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Self-Directed Life Long Learners…

  • Accept responsibility for their own learning
  • Develop, prioritize and revise personal learning goals
  • Actively seek out new opportunities to learn and challenge themselves
  • Demonstrate competency in goal setting, time management, and organizational skills
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News & Events

School 60 Performance 2019

More than 70 students from ASU’s sister school, public school 60, performed for elementary and secondary students on February 28 as part of an annual program that coincides with ASU’s International Day and is normally held around the time of Tsaga...

Posted on 01 03 2019 Read more
Mar 19

Raffles Institute visited the Art I class

Two weeks ago, representatives from the Raffles Institute visited t...

Mar 18

Art I class

Art I class explores a unit on creating rhythm and stimulating the ...

Mar 18

Zurgaadai Team is on the news.

Дунд сургуулийн 12 дугаар ангийн сурагчид өөрсдийн санаачлагаар сай...

Mar 11

Grade 6 Collaborative work

The 6th graders learned about collecting and analyzing data through...

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