Founder's Greeting

Founder's Greeting

Founder’s Greeting

Happy 10th Anniversary of ASU to our current Students, Alumni, Parents, our school Principals, Teachers and Staff members!

Mongolia has encountered new challenges due to its transition to a free market economy in 1990. We have always believed that high quality education system is the cornerstone of national prosperity. Therefore, we set ourselves the task of learning more about education systems of highly developed countries such as Korea, Japan and Singapore. It seems like it was yesterday when we first found out that many expat professionals working at embassies and international organizations in these countries had often sent their kids to international schools which were often founded in 1930-1940s.

Based on our research, we discovered that Mongolian children can also obtain general education in English and receive internationally acceptable high school diploma that will enable the graduates to earn admission to western colleges and universities, all while living with their parents in their home country. Thus, in 2004, we commenced our project to establish the American School in Ulaanbaatar, and successfully opened the school in 2006.

The mission of the American School of Ulaanbaatar is to encourage students to actively discover and develop their intellectual, physical and creative potentials and become lifelong learners based on a comprehensive learning environment in compliance with international educational standards. The school demonstrates its commitment to the development of every child through stimulating academic and co-curricular programs that create opportunities for students to thrive and achieve success in an ever-changing global environment.

Within last 10 years, we have achieved our mission by delivering over 120 talented graduates with high level of English proficiency from ASU. Dozens of our alumni are now studying at schools that are listed in Top 100 Universities by various rankings. Moreover, we are proud to see that many of our alumni are now working in top banks and enterprises upon their return, while some of them are working for global corporations abroad.

It is our belief that the new generation of Mongols with world class education, modern knowledge and skills can achieve and drive the nation’s prosperity.

I would like to thank our management team, teachers, and staff members who have been with us all these years and made our joint journey a success! Happy 10th ASU anniversary!

Learn - Achieve - Lead


Mr. Zorigt Dashzeveg
Founder - American School of Ulaanbaatar